Our Features

High performance Fertigation

  • Online injection with motorised dozing system which injects exact amount of fertilizer with the help of tank flow sensors.
  • Dosing can be controlled with desired lPM (dosing %) or with TARGATED EC.
  • According to crop /stage-wise flowdac can automatically provides fertigation schedule.
  • Also you can manage and monitor NPK ratios as per crop stage requirement.


  • Drip irrigation can be operated time base and volumetrically too.
  • You can split the irrigation sequence into multiple cycles in a day.
  • You can handle any number of field valves with wire or wirelessly.
  • Auto filtration misting and fogging etc. can be programmed separately as per requirement.
  • valves and motors are operated automatically.

IIoT Cloudbase Platform

  • Flowdac is uploaded with the cloud-based system so you can edit, operate and monitor the system easily through mobile. With the help of these great features, it Stores all your data on the web, which helps you to see all your reports like the previous crop schedule, its fertigation recipe, consumption of water, fertilizer. Cost of fertigation etc.
    Flowdac can connect anytime from anywhere for online Flowdac machine support.

Online EC & pH Monitoring And Control

  • EC, pH is the soul of crop and soil science. Flowdac has the capacity to manage the targeted pH of source irrigation water & it can also manage targeted EC through fertigation to source water, ultimately it results in excellent quality of yield with maximum production.

Pressure Monitoring

  • We are providing pressure sensors to get an online digital display of system pressure, according to that information you can set system pressure by operating field valves.
    Also, flowdac has a great feature of pipeline safety that can stop irrigation when low /high pressure occurs.

24* 7 Fault Finding System

  • If there is any fault or troubleshooting occurs, then with the help of online communication with the machine we can manage fault finding & troubleshooting by lively connecting to the installed machine from anywhere at any time.

Our Services

Guidance For smart farming

After the installation of our flowdac automation machine, we are helping for providing crop guidance, crop consultancy & innovative economic farming with the latest technology.

Customize Setup and Upgrades

According to the customer's requirement, we can customize machines and installation setups. We can update the lower version machine to the high end as per customers' current and future demands.

24/7 Online Support

We are always ready to support you with fertigation & irrigation programming & then scheduling it for specific desired days to make stable growth along with our organisation. We have capable technicians who can trace & correct faults in machine at anytime from anywhere.

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