Mi-Digitek Agriculture solution Pvt Ltd. is an excellent combination bringing together, the cumulative experience of 23+ years in Agronomygreenhousesfertigation systems & consultancy, with automation experience of 25+ years in Industrial Process Automation, Industrial IoT (IIoT) & Software technologies.

Mi-Digitek is having IoT & Cloud-based Automatic Irrigation Fertigation Systems for farmers as the brand product name “ Flow-Dac”. Our system helps farmers to achieve the best quality and productivity improvement combined with optimal use of resources.

We are proud to be part of the “Make in India” mission, manufacturing the complete solution in India. The initiative has great potential to bring a new wave of Green-revolution in India to connect technology with soil.

The agricultural sector has always been the lifeline of India’s economic structure. For a better agricultural economy in the country, the development of this sector with modern machinery and the latest scientific techniques is required which will also help the farmers in the longer run.    

Our aim is to bring the latest technology to Indian farmers with the help of advanced technology. This initiative has great potential to bring Green-revolution in India and connect technology to the soil.  

Leadership Team

Mr. Sharad Patil

Director – Technology

Sharad has more than 23 years of experience in Agronomy consultancy in high-value Horticulture crops, green-house technology, fertigation, and irrigation systems.

With great experience in Agriculture consultancy, Sharad is the Pioneer of the concept behind a 100% make-in-India Automatic Irrigation Fertigation & Wireless Project System which brings a green revolution to the Agriculture Industry.

Sharad holds a Master of Science degree in Agrochemicals and pest management.

Mr. Prasad Khadilkar

Director – Technology

With vast international exposure, Prasad is the brain behind innovative automation strategies, Maestrotek built for its clients.

Prasad has more than 18 years of experience in the Factory Automation space. Before starting out on his own, He worked with Mitsubishi Electrical India (Formerly Messung Systems Pvt. Ltd.)for 11 years as Servo & Motion Products Head.

Prasad holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics from Pune University

Mr. Yashodhan Upadhye

Director – Sales

Yashodhan is the project management backbone of Maestrotek.

Yashodhan holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical from the University of Pune. Yashodhan worked at different world-renowned organizations in the field of Industrial Automation and CNC. Yashodhan carries 14 years of experience in Technical Support, Sales, and Marketing in the Industrial Automation field.

He has earlier worked with FANUC India and Mitsubishi Electric ( Formerly Messung Systems Pvt. Ltd.)

Corporate Office

Manufacturing Unit

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